UPDATE… still looking for Team Managers! Coaches! & Players!

LACA SC U10 Coach for ERSL team entry – Due to ERSL age separation of divisions, we are unable to have our current coach for U11/U10 participate in both separate game days, plus practices, plus personal life, plus managing logistics in general, etc.  So, anyone interested in giving us a hand for the U10s and has a passion, dedication for soccer (and of course who can be thoroughly vetted), please do contact us as well at info@lacaeo.org

MR1 Team Manager – Thank you for all that responded and we have a candidate filling that post as we speak! Let’s help them fill this challenging role.

OTM2 (over 50) Team Manager – Due to personal reasons there is a need to fill this post.  If you know or are interested in playing for this team please contact us at registration@lacaeo.org

We are solely a community, volunteer based & not-for-profit organization…  Thank you