About us

Constitution_20161120 – Approved Nov. 20, 2016 AGM (pdf format)


We are a group of Latin Americans who strive the passion for “football” and we want to promote that same passion to all our members through various activities we help develop in our community in Ottawa-Gatineau:

  • Teaching soccer to all children, Latin American style, through our “Latino Soccer School”
  • Provide a recreational House League and access to competition for all youth between 5 to 17 years of age (U7 to U18)
  • Provide means for Adults with interest in soccer to participate within our club.  We have a male and female teams in various divisions in the OCSL for the summer season and we have spots available every year.
  • We promote the practice of “indoor futsal” for Adults, from Fall to Spring every year in different locations of the city (Ottawa East and West)
Board of Directors (info@lacaeo.org):
President: Mr. Wilson Murillo
Vice-President: Mr. Roberto Guerra
Treasurer: Mr. Guillermo Diaz
Secretary: Mr. Romulo Osorio
Head-Coach and Discipline Director: Mr. Edwin Marroquín
Soccer Development Coordinator & Public Relations Liaison: Ms. Ana Zavala
Community Events Coordinator: Mr. Edwin Diaz
Registrar: Mr. Ivan Tejada (info@ivanhome.com)
Deputy 1: Mr. Angel Reyes
Deputy 2: Mr. Sergio Romero