Go LACASC U15 “Foxes” Go! – Top 3 in the ERSL

And here is another great story to share about our U15/16 team representing LACASC at the ERSL. This team was just assembled this season, with only 4 players from the LACASC family and 8 players from the St-Anthony SC family, our 4 players knew each other from previous gigs, most recent one the Coliseum league past Fall/Winter, but the other 8 players from St-Anthony either barely knew each other or not at all, being this their first time playing together. You can imagine the size of the challenge for our coaches Javier and Wilson to work with this team, but things are turning over and after a rough start (we lost our first 3 games), we are now sitting in 3rd place (out of 10 teams) with flamboyant 18 points, only 5 from 1st place! This team reminds us of the “Foxes” Leicester City EPL Champions this year. A team formed from “unknowns” but with the heart and bravery of a gang of Lions. It is great to see how these boys are playing together, helping and supporting each other, never giving up and standing up for the challenge week after week, with a great winning attitude and above all growing friendship and camaraderie. Great job boys, we are proud of you and your coaches for an impressive effort so far. We invite all the LACASC family to show their support and coming to cheer them up in the next few weeks, still about 8-9 games to go. And why not, let’s give them a name…Go “Foxes” Go!!! Viva LACASC! For more info about schedules, check the ERSL website at www.ersl.ca