Month: March 2018

LACASC U14 Champions of the Coliseum Tier2 league!

Our humble U14 Tier2 team reached their goal becoming Champions of the U14T2 Coliseum League today Sun Mar 4th, with a well deserved win against the Coliseum Eagles, with a 3-1 final score. With an impressive stat of 12 Wins, 3 Loses and 1 Draw, our team enjoyed a season of great camaraderie and focus on playing the latin style of passing while keeping high pressure on the opponent and holding ball control. Great effort by all players and dedication of our coaches and families coming every Saturday morning, sometimes too early to even leave home with a decent breakfast, thank you for your commitment!

U14 LACASC to the Coliseum Finals! Sun Mar 4th 9am

U14T2 LACASC advanced all the way to the Finals at the Coliseum league after winning 3-1 to Nepean Hotspurs. Come cheer our team tomorrow at 9am at the Coliseum dome on Riverside Rd, for their final game (against the Coliseum Eagles) and hopefully becoming the Winter Champions! Go LACA Go! Great job boys and coach Estuardo!